Managerial Practices

Objective: Business case simulations and different role discussions

Case A.- Shoe fashion retail chain

Analysis on the importance of user generated content and review of the retail chain strategy with Influencer marketing.

Work on the initiatives that you suggest the company to develop additional social content and minimize the effects on the current negative content both on the physical stores and eCommerce site.

Please see the video and answer the following questions as if you were responsible for the retail chain

1.- If you are the Social media manager how would you react from day 1 onwards

2.- From an strategic perspective how would you react as eCommerce and Retail store manager

Now consider you are that person and develop a plan to monetize your digital identity

1.- What would be your proporal to that retail brand?

2.- Any other idea to generate revenue from your digital identity?


B.- eCommerce subscription model case 

The company is one of the leading subscription-based eCommerce specialists.

Analysis on the causes why the company closed its operations in spanish market and the alternatives that they could have implemented.

Visit its web and you will see a model that works well in many market and after running its model in Spain finally had to close and was sold to a local company.

Please read this post , specially the answer from the company CEO and the Mkt Manager  The story ends up with this conclusion

Work on your answer to these challenges

1.- ¿How do you evaluate the companys actions?

2.- ¿How would you react to that Crisis?


C.- Electronics Category Killer chain 

Analysis on their current Omnichannel strategy and initiatives that will be shared on new Digital Stores and proximity stores.

Propose suggested strategy to compete in the market.

1.- ¿What is the positioning of category killers on the minds and hearts of consumers? ¿is it sustainable?

2.- ¿What is your professional opinion on their «Garan-tienda» concept? ¿Would you revise or update it? ¿How?

3.- Evalate their pricing management strategy ¿What should be their promotional strategy On and Off?

4.- ¿What do you think of their urban stores strategy? ¿And their Digital Store?

5.- Suggest top 10 actions to Digitalize retail physical stores

Price management On vs Off

Warranty-shop concept

urban stores

Digital store concept

Virtual shopper

Digital store trend

Indoor positioning